10 Email Marketing Do's and Dont's

Blog Email Marketing 10 Email Marketing Do's and Dont's


  • Grow your list organically. Encourage subscribers to opt in to receive your emails and build your list over time.
  • Set up an automated welcome for new subscribers so they know what sort of content they’ll be receiving from you.
  • Use preview text to increase your open rate by letting subscribers know what’s in your email.
  • Personalise your subject lines using merge tags to increase your open rate.
  • Use automated email workflows to take your customers on a journey.
  • Test to find out the best time of day to send emails and get a good open rate.
  • Make sure your grammar and spelling are impeccable – and always check your links work.
  • Pay close attention to your campaign reports and understand customer engagement to tailor subsequent emails.
  • Create separate lists for subscribers who are interested in specific products or services.
  • Send a test email to yourself and a couple of colleagues before sending your campaign out. Emails can look different across devices.

Don’t Do

  • Send cold emails to people who haven’t asked to receive them, or buy lists of contacts.
  • Collect email addresses and not use them.
  • Send an email without the preview text field completed. Subscribers may not know what to expect and will be less likely to open.
  • Send ‘one size fits all’ emails that don’t feel personalised or relevant to your audience.
  • Send infrequent, one-off emails and lose touch with your subscribers.
  • Send your emails randomly at any time of the day.
  • Send emails without proofreading and checking everything works as it should.
  • Keep doing the same things without testing and learning what your customers will respond to best.
  • Send all your products and services to a large generic list, regardless of your subscribers’ interests.
  • Send your email to your subscriber base without first checking it on both your computer and phone.

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