Frequently Asked Questions

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Is the Trial plan really free?

Yes. We do not require any billing information either.

Do I need a credit card to register?

No. You can signup now and select and pay for a plan later.

Which payment gateways do you support?

We currently support PayPal.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes. You can still login to your account, but you won't be able to email.

Do you offer refunds?

Yes, please reach out to us. we can offer full refunds within the first 30 days.


How can I create a subscription form?

First, create a mailing list, then you can design and customize the subscription form and embed it on your website.

Do I need a dedicated IP?

No. We use our own dedicated IPs that are not shared with anyone.

Can I get a dedicated IP?

No. Our plans do not offer dedicated IPs to customer accounts.

What if I go over my plan's limit?

Some plans have hard limits that prevent accounts from exceeding their sending credits and list size.

How come my list size is decreasing?

Our system automatically unsubscribes bounced emails and black list them, thus will be removed from your list.

Can I send from my own domain?

Yes! We encourage and recommend you have your own registered domain verified with us to send.

Do I need pay for external SMTP servers?

Yes, only if you’re connecting any external SMTP for sending emails, then you need to pay them as well. Amazon SES provides 62,000 free emails then charges $0.10 per 1,000.

What are the sending limits?

Our Free plan does have a sending limit. If you are using an external SMTP service then you are bound to their limits depedning on the plan you choose with them. MXace provides its own SMTP servers with unlimited sending credits, however our servers do have a theoretical limited capacity. As we warm up additional servers the amount of emails sent will increase.

Import CSV Format?

You can import lists in comma separated Email, First Name, Last Name format.


If I’m just starting to send mail, how do I build a good reputation?

The way to think about your email reputation is much like your credit score. When you haven’t sent any email, you don’t have a bad reputation but you don’t have a good one, either. Also, no ESP is going to allow you to send a million emails to their mailboxes, much like no one is going to give you a credit card with a huge credit limit when you graduate from college. There needs to be a history of performance for you to create a reputation.

Does the content of my email matter for deliverability?

Absolutely. Ideally, you send email that people want. That’s over half the battle. In addition, you should make your content interesting and relevant to the recipient. Read Ways to Improve Your Reputation

Should I use my primary corporate domain name to send email?

You can, but remember that your reputation is tied to your domain name as well as the IP address. If you are in danger of being classified as a ‘bad’ sender of email, you will be affecting your domain reputation, which is very hard to recover from. It may be safer to use a completely separate domain (not a subdomain of your primary corporate domain) for sending marketing or even transactional email if you are worried about issues with domain reputation.

Why does the amount of email I send matter?

Rate limiting allows ESPs proper time to process and filter spam and ensure that transactional email doesn’t get backed up. Without rate limiting in place, ESPs would be even more overwhelmed than they already are. The ESPs all have different sending limits on a per hour, per day basis. Once you hit thresholds with the rate limits, send too much spam, or have any number of other issues, the ISP may start returning error messages. Some ESPs will want you to slow down the sending, stop sending for a period of time, or change your habits (due to bad engagement, bad reputation, etc).

Does the amount of email I send from my IP affect my deliverability?

Yes. Generally speaking, you don’t want too few IPs, in case you experience more volume than you expect and you don’t want so many IPs that you look suspicious or spread out your volume over too many IPs. There has to be a balance of volume to IP/domain. Sending too much volume from an IP, sending from too many IPs or sending too little from a range of IPs can all lead to deliverability issues.

Where can I learn more about Deliverability and Email?

Below is are some best practices from the major ESPs. * AOL Best Practices * Gmail Best Practices * Hotmail Best Practices * Yahoo Best Practices


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