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This information only applies to users who are subscribed to a plan that allows you to email from your own managed SMTP servers.

Before you can begin emailing you need to have a sending server setup to mail on.

Sending Server

If you are logged in, you can access the Sending Server page HERE, or from the top menu by clicking Sending -> Sending servers.

You will see a list of providers to select. select server

API Access

API access is the preferred way to go because it is faster to email and provides better integration with MXace.

You will need to generate API Keys for any of the services above. Please consult with the service provider you are using to obtain the API information.

SMTP Server

You can also use your own SMTP server by entering your SMTP hostname, port, username, and password for your server.

Sending Credits

This configuration setting allows you to set a limit on email sending speed. This is great if you want to warm up your sending speed, or if you want to limit how many emails are sent.

For example, to limit sending speed to 2,000 emails every 5 minutes, you can set Sending limit = 2000, Time value = 5, and Time unit = minute accordingly

sending credits

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