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Select campaign type

Regular Campaign with HTML email content as well as images, links. This is the most common type.

Plain text Send a plain-text email without link tracking, images, or HTML.

Select Regular if you want to send HTML emails, otherwise use Plain text.


Select the Lists/Segments you want to email to.


campaign setup

Name your campaign - give you campaign a name.

Email subject - the subject line to use for your emails.

From name - this should be your company, website, or some name people will recognize you by.

From email - this is the email address you are sending from. If possible, use a verified email address you own.

Use sending server's default value - if this is checked emails will be sent from an email address assigned by your sending server.

Reply to - the email address replies will be sent to.

Track opens - enable if you want to track opens.

Track clicks - enable to track links that are clicked on.

Add DKIM signature - THIS SHOULD ALWAYS BE CHECKED. Uncheck if you know what you are doing.


This is where you create your email. You can add your own, or use one of the provided templates. You can also use the powerful drag and drop builder to create your own email.


Choose when to send your email campaign.


Lastly, you are presented with an overview of your campaign and the ability to send a test email.

confirm send

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