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Lists are the email addresses of people you want to email. Lists should be segmented and grouped in a related manner, usually by the subject of the emails you are sending. It is best to have many lists rather than a single huge list, When you create an email campaign you can choose multiple lists to send to.

To create a list in MXace, you need to do the following steps.


Create List Identity

Give your list a Name. Your subscribers will see this, so make it something appropriate.

Good example: “Acme Company Newsletter”.

Bad example: “Cust_11_01_2007”.

From Email is the email address your emails are sent from. You should have a verified email address created as a Sending Identity.

Default From Name is the display name of your From Email. Examples could your name, company name, or Newsletter. If your From Email is, [email protected], then your friendly name could be Newsletter.

Contact Information

Create List Contact Information

Contact information is a CAN-SPAM requirement.

Tell recipients where you’re located. Your message must include your valid physical postal address. This can be your current street address, a post office box you’ve registered with the U.S. Postal Service, or a private mailbox you’ve registered with a commercial mail receiving agency established under Postal Service regulations.


Create List Settings

These settings are optional. Enabling the Double Opt-In email is highly recommended if you are building a new list or adding to it because a confirmation email will be sent to subscribers to your list they must click on before being added to your List. This will verify your users enter correct information and ensure a clean and valid list.

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